“They ate and were satisfied.”

Moving on to the next chapter, Mark (8:1-10) relates another episode of a miraculous feeding of a large crowd (the previous one, in chapter 6 [vv. 31-44] was skipped).  Jesus, pitying the crowd who have been with Him for three days, wishes to feed them before they leave.  He asks the disciples what is on hand: seven loaves.  He blesses and distributes these with some fish and all are fed and leftovers besides.  After they eat their fill (see above) and clean up, Jesus dismisses them and moves on to another region.  We, too, have the opportunity to be with Jesus, and we can take advantage any time.  Commonly noted is the eucharistic allusion in this story.  Through Mass, spiritual communion, and prayer, Jesus is always available to satisfy the hunger that only God can fill.  The more we are open to the graces available to us in the sacraments, the more we will be satiated.


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