“If you wish, you can make me clean.”

Today we pick up where we left off last Sunday, coming toward the end of the first chapter of Mark (vv. 40-45).  A leper begs Jesus to cure Him and He does.  Jesus tells the man to show the priests and do the proper cleansing, but tell no one about Him.  The cured man does not heed Jesus’ admonition to keep the nature of the healing to himself, but rather tells everyone.  Not only could Jesus then not enter towns, but even when He tried to seclude Himself, people found Him.  But let us go back to when the leper encounters Jesus.  His first words are those in the headline of this post.  We should be using those same words today.  For some, this might be a plea for physical healing.  More importantly, regardless of our bodily health, is the mending of our souls.  The stain of sin has much more far reaching effects — in this life and the next — than any disease of the flesh (remember Mt 5:29 — our eternal destination is far more important than any particular body part).  Fortunately, the Fount of Mercy, Jesus, is always waiting for our sincere appeal for forgiveness to make us clean.  The ordinary means to receive those graces is through the Sacrament of Revelation.  Take advantage of the “medicine box” of the confessional often.  And if it has been awhile — even many years — do not hesitate to have the weighty burden of many sins lifted from you.

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