“Do you see anything?”

After the little discussion on the boat about leaven, Jesus and his disciples arrive at Bethsaida (Mk 8:22-26).  Here He cures a blind man at the behest of the people of the area.  The first attempt at healing results in some vision restoration, but only dimly.  The second time Jesus touches his eyes, he sees perfectly.  We don’t read elsewhere about a gradual healing such as this, so what is going on here?  An interesting thing to note is that others begged for healing for the sightless man, not the man himself.  Maybe he was unconvinced of Jesus power or just unaware of His exploits.  His openness to the possibility of healing being effected may have been limited.  Thus, it was only after receiving some sight that he became convinced that a full restoration was possible.  This sort of response should not be surprising to us.  We should be aware that our own healing can be limited by not having full trust in the Lord.  God’s grace is infinite, but the amount we receive is based on our disposition.  Being completely faithful and trusting will provide the graces we need to receive the kind of healing that a perfect Father wishes to grant us.  Similarly, when we deal with others, we should not be disappointed if our efforts to bring them closer to the Lord seem not to be yielding fruit.  Doing the right thing, planting the seed, will yield rewards in due season, when they are ready.  So take heart, even though we may not realize the fruit of our labors this side of heaven.

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