“But who do you say that I am?”

Moving on once again, “Jesus and his disciples set out for the villages of Caesarea Philippi.” (the first verse of Mk 8:27-33)  On the way Jesus asks them about who people think He is.  After receiving various answers, Jesus then asks the question above.  Peter declares that Jesus is the Christ.  Most, if not all, people reading this would not hesitate to concur with Peter: Jesus is the Christ, that is, the Messiah, the Anointed One, the Second Person of the Trinity, the Son of God, the Lord.  But is He Lord of all of our life?  Is He Lord when we are in the bedroom?  Is He Lord when we are on the internet?  Is He Lord when we are with friends?  Is He Lord when we engage in the one vice we allow ourselves?  And then, like Peter at the end of this passage, do we rebuke Jesus when He does not meet our expectations?  Let us never think or do anything to receive Jesus’ rebuke in response: “Get behind me, Satan.” (v. 33)



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