“Amen, amen, I say to you, before Abraham came to be, I AM.”

Jumping ahead a few verses, Jesus continues to provoke His Jewish adversaries (Jn 8:51-59 — skipped was Jesus continuing to rail against these same Jews as children of the devil, who, because they imitate the father of lies, cannot believe the Truth).  Now He says that “whoever keeps my word will never see death” (v. 51).  These Jews accuse Him of being possessed since they know that every human person dies.  They even note that the great Abraham died.  Jesus says Abraham has seen His day, and then declares the line at top.  This making Himself out to God incites the crowd to try and stone Him, but He is able to slip away.  Jesus was very clear as to who He was, stating explicitly here that that He is Yahweh (“I AM” — Ex 3:14), even though He knew He was taking His life in His hands.  He was not just a great teacher, an exemplary man, or simply a founder of a movement.  He is all those things and the Second Person of the infinite and holy Trinity become incarnate in Bethlehem over two thousand years ago.  He declares that He is the Truth and that Word must be kept if we are to enjoy eternal bliss with Him.  Realizing that it is God speaking when Jesus speaks (and the entire Bible is His Word) should we not want to read it more, study it at length, and measure our lives against it (of course with proper understanding through the authority of the Church Christ established)?  We should make scripture a regular part of our daily routine.  Mass is best, if possible, but even a few verses at breakfast, a Bible or commentary CD in the car, or a passage a day sent automatically to your inbox, will help to make each day blessed.  Don’t let a day pass without giving the Lord an opportunity to speak to you in exactly the place you are at.

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