“‘Everything John said about this man was true.’ And many there began to believe in him.”

Skipping past chapter nine (the long episode of the healing of the man born blind and the subsequent controversy), we move forward to the end of the following chapter (Jn 10:31-42).  We are a week out from Good Friday and the dispute between Jesus and His Jewish adversaries ramps up all the more.  This passage starts out with the Jews poised to stone Jesus because in the previous verse Jesus said “The Father and I are one” (v. 30).  They go on to say they believe He deserves stoning for making Himself equal to God.  Jesus points out they should at least believe in Him because of the works He does on behalf of the Father.  Jesus then escapes arrest, going back to the place John first baptized.  The passage ends with the headline.  Like John the Baptist, we should be taking the time and making the effort to talk about Jesus to those we encounter.  In order to do this well we must learn about Jesus from scripture and the Church and pray to Jesus for guidance and help.  Invoking the Holy Spirit, this Spirit of Truth will guide us to speak correctly and forthrightly about the Lord so that through us many will begin to believe in Him.  We must not neglect the call of Christ and His Church to always look for opportunities to evangelize.

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