“It is the Lord.”

It is John (21:1-14) with whom we pick up again today.  After the Resurrection, Simon Peter and six other disciples are back in Galilee when they decide to go fishing.  After having no luck, they hear from the shore a man (Jesus, unbeknownst to them) telling them to cast the net once more.  They do and it fills to the breaking point.  John then recognizes that it is Jesus and Peter immediately swims to meet Him.  When they all get to shore, Jesus is already cooking some fish but asks for some of theirs.  He invites them to breakfast, distributing bread and fish.  How many times has John’s exclamation found above been ours as well?  An improbable or miraculous event occurs, a seemingly hopeless situation gets resolved, a recalcitrant sinner comes back to the Faith, a potential tragedy is narrowly averted.  Our first inclination should be to recognize the Lord’s hand in such events, as John saw in the miraculous catch of fish.  We should often thank God for His kindness and guidance, certainly in extraordinary circumstances, but also in the difficulties and sadnesses of day to day living.  Seeing God’s will in all aspects of our lives will help us to overcome anxiety and fretfulness and learn submission and contentment.  If we love God, then what He wants will become what we want.  As St. Augustine said, “Love God and do what you will.”

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