“Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.”

Yesterday we read the beginning of Mark’s brief account of the Resurrection (Mk 16:9-15).  Mark mentions that Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene who in turn told the disciples who did not believe her.  Then he tells of Jesus’ appearance to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus who in turn told the disciples who didn’t believe them either.  Finally, Mark says that Jesus appears to the Eleven, rebuking them for not believing the others, and then telling them to do what is relayed in the headline of this post.  This message was not just for the Eleven, or only for their successor bishops, clergy, or religious.  It is meant for every believer.  So if this is our call, then how are we to fulfill it?  Any plan of action in which we seek to fulfill the Lord’s will must begin with prayer.  Jesus did it before the two biggest events in His life: embarking on public ministry and preparing for His Passion and death.  With prayer we find insight, strength, and perseverance.  We also develop a proper perspective and disposition toward God, others, and ourselves — and it all revolves around humility.  Understanding that all we are and all we have and all we give comes from God, that we are called to serve others, and that we are sinners in need of grace and repentance, allows us to be in the world precisely what God wants us to be.  Then by word and deed we can share the Good News by becoming Christ to others and seeing Christ in others.

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