“And when [the Advocate] comes he will convict the world in regard to sin and righteousness and condemnation.”

The gospel reading today (Jn 16:5-11) picks up where we would have left off yesterday had it not been a feast day.  That reading, which wrapped up chapter fifteen and started into sixteen, emphasized the coming of the Holy Spirit and how He would be sent to the apostles to bear witness to Jesus.  This will lead to their persecution and even death (“the hour is coming when everyone who kills you will think he is offering worship to God” [16:2]).  Today, Jesus again mentions the coming of the Spirit (the “Advocate”), after Jesus returns to the Father, to do what is mentioned in the headline because of the unbelief and following of the “ruler of the world” (v. 11) that He will find on the earth.  It is easy to get discouraged in a world that is not only becoming secularized, but more and more seems to be hostile toward religion and morality. Little persecutions now, for holding onto the Faith, may lead to bigger ones later.  We should take comfort that we are not alone and that we would not be the first and certainly not the last to suffer for our convictions.  The good news is that God is in charge.  The devil may be exercising more forcefully his dominion on earth, but we always have the Spirit to convict the world.  Let us pray to the Holy Spirit that humanity will turn back to God and build up His kingdom rather than seeking ways to tear it down.  Let us pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all believers so that the strength of our moral convictions will never waver in the face of adversity or persecution and that we may always be an advocate for the Truth.

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