“[T]he Spirit of truth […] will guide you to all truth.”

Continuing with the next four verses (Jn 16:12-15), Jesus continues to speak to the disciples about the coming Spirit.  Realizing that the disciples could not process all that He was saying to them, Jesus promises what is declared in the quote above.  The Spirit glorifies the Son by taking from Jesus what Jesus has received from the Father and declaring it to the disciples.  What a wonderful insight into the mysterious workings of the Trinity — their perfect union and communication is given to us through the Church.  Thus, all revealed truth can be found safeguarded in the church established by Christ, the Catholic Church.  What a wonderful treasure.  Two thousand years of accumulated wisdom in expounding this truth — and developing a deeper understanding of it — is freely given to us.  Through the blessing of gifted preachers and teachers, in talks and writings, this can all be ours.  We have no foundation to claim ignorance.  We come to know Christ through our Faith: Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition are the love notes of the Trinitarian God to the people He cares for so deeply and for whom He died.  We must not spurn Him by not opening these missives.  Rather we must constantly strive to come to know our beloved more deeply.  “Tolle lege,” as Augustine was once told: “Take and read!”

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