“What is there about his word?”

Jesus continues His travels in Galilee, this time coming to Capernaum (Lk 4:31-37).  Again He is found teaching in the synagogue. astonishing His listeners.  Also in the place was a possessed man who screams at Jesus wanting to know what He wants and calling Him “the Holy One of God.”  Jesus silences and exorcises him.  The people, amazed, ask one another the question at top, recognize His authority, and spread the word about Him.  The question the people asked is a good one for us to ask as well.  What is it about the Word of God that is so special?  How is it that no matter how often we go to Scripture, we get something new or something more out of it each time we read it prayerfully?  God’s word is powerful, deep, and penetrating.  It applies in many circumstances of life and affects us differently based on our maturity level and openness to it.  It may confirm or convict depending on the state of our soul.  It often gives us just the message we need in order to get through a time of great difficulty or deep discernment.  It is timeless, timely, and for all times.  We should penetrate it often so that it penetrates us and we become living vessels of the Word, with our speech and our actions reflecting unconsciously (i.e., habitually) the Bible and its teaching.  Then maybe others will also be inspired to ask: “What is there about His word?”

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