“They tried to prevent him from leaving them.”

Jesus, still in Capernaum, leaves the synagogue for Simon Peter’s home (Lk 4:38-44).    There, per the request of others with them, Jesus cures Simon’s mother-in-law of fever.  In the evening He cures everyone who comes to Him and exorcises demons who come out shouting that Jesus is the Son of God (although Jesus muted them immediately).  In the morning, hoping to get away by Himself, Jesus is found by the crowds anyway.  They want Him to stay but He tells them He must go and spread the good news which He then does throughout Judea.  May we always have the mindset of the grateful citizens of Capernaum!  We know we can’t “prevent” Jesus the Lord from doing anything, but by clinging to Him and asking Him not to leave us, we are doing what is right.  Being God and now glorified, Jesus has no limits on His availability.  “Stay with us,” the men on the road to Emmaus begged Jesus (Lk 24:29).  For these men, as surely was the case with those in Capernaum) the Word spoken was powerful and enlightening and their request was not only granted by Jesus but resulted in the Word as Eucharist.  He did stay with them even when His recognizable bodily presence was removed from their sight.  We too have Jesus in the Sacrament of Sacraments.  Let us invite Him into us at Mass and frequently throughout the day (especially with Spiritual Communions which we can receive without limit) so that He will transform our hearts and perfect us on our journey to Heaven.

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