“Put out into deep water and lower your nets for a catch.”

Jesus, with the crowd pressing in on Him, gets into Simon’s boat and asks him to put out a bit so that He can better address the crowd (Lk 5:1-11).  When finished teaching, Jesus tells Simon to put out further for a catch.  Simon mentions that they had caught nothing all night but that he would do as Jesus requested.  So many fish are caught that their boat and another were filled to almost sinking.  All were astonished, prompting Simon to ask Jesus to leave because Simon felt unworthy to be in His presence.  Jesus tells them all to not be afraid and called them to evangelize with Him.  When they reach shore they leave everything to follow Jesus.  What Jesus asks of Simon (at top) He also asks of us, figuratively.  We are not called to play it safe when it comes to spreading the Good News.  Since the Lord is with us, we need not be afraid to “risk” evangelizing in even the most challenging places or situations.  We are to “catch men” for Jesus by making Him known to everyone.  And we are to do it without hesitation even if it seems to us to be of no avail or even counter-intuitive.  Consider Simon, who knew his trade very well, listen to and promptly obey a carpenter who may well have never fished a day in His life.  What seemed to Simon a fruitless task yielded more fish in one haul than he had likely ever caught in a single day.  We too must unhesitatingly follow the Lord by proclaiming Him in word, deed, and example, in a world so much in need of God.

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