“The least in the Kingdom of heaven is greater than he.”

Jesus extols to the crowds the virtues of John the Baptist (Mt 11:11-15) saying that he is the greatest man ever born of woman.  But, Jesus goes on to say, the least saint in heaven is greater than John.  Jesus then goes on to describe the violence the kingdom has suffered and continues to suffer.  The passage ends with Jesus telling them that John is Elijah to those who can accept this.  The words of Jesus at top should serve as a great encouragement to us.  While none of us can (or should even dare to) claim that we are the greatest person who ever lived, and we hopefully recognize in all humility our inadequacy compared to God, we all can achieve greatness by becoming saints.  John was soon to become a saint in heaven.  Like John, we should strive for perfection in faithfully following the Lord’s will in our lives.  Fearless in his spreading of the Good News, he should be an example for us in living and proclaiming the Gospel.  We are not all called to approach our mission in the way John did.  Our proclamation can take one of many forms, and may be as simple as proclamation through the way we conduct our lives, interact with our fellow man, and relate to God.  John brought many souls to the Lord so that they could become saints.  We should strive to do the same — starting today.

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