“Wisdom is vindicated by her works.”

Jesus continues His talk to the crowds (Mt 11:16-19).  John the Baptist fasted severely and was a teetotaler and he was considered possessed.  Jesus ate and drank with tax collectors and sinners and was called out for gluttony and drunkenness.  But Jesus concludes with the words at top.  A previous translation used at Mass is: “Time will prove where wisdom lies.”  Both translations provide insight.  Instead of judging Jesus based on a misinterpretation of their law, the crowd is invited by Jesus to see the fruits of His interaction with those they call sinners.  The One who is full of wisdom from the Holy Spirit can show them how His actions are vindicated in dramatic conversions (see Zacchaeus [Lk 19:1-10] and Matthew himself [Mt 9:9-13, Mk 2:13-17, and Lk 5:27-28] for starters) as well as the undoubtedly many followers in their midst who formerly led a dissolute life.  Over time Jesus’ proved that His ministry wisely led people to the truth.  Let us pray for the gift of wisdom to clearly see Jesus working in the world and to heed His call to advance the kingdom by always striving to conform perfectly to His will.

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