“Most blessed are you among women.”

Like yesterday, we again find ourselves hearing a gospel (Lk 1:39-45) repeated within the span of less than two weeks.  Mary, having heard from the angel of her cousin’s pregnancy, quickly goes to visit her.  Upon entering Elizabeth’s house, Mary says a word of greeting to which her cousin, in the Holy Spirit, responds that her unborn child leaped for joy at the sound of Mary’s voice.  Elizabeth calls Mary and her child blessed (see above) and she credits her for believing the Lord’s proclamation to her would come to pass.  Catholics are very familiar with the phrase that headlines this post.  It is an integral part of the Hail Mary prayer, the whole first half of which is taken from Luke’s first chapter.  Elizabeth’s insight through the Holy Spirit are words meant for all people of all times.  Is it any wonder Catholics give Mary the highest honor among all human persons?  We do so because the Father did so.  Her exalted status completely comes because of what God did for her: from all eternity she was designated to be the pure, untainted mother of the redeemer.  It is shameful that she has become a source of division among Christians when all she wishes to do is unite all mankind in love for her Son.  The last words of hers recorded in the gospels point to Jesus and instruct us: “Do whatever he tells you” (Jn 2:5).  This woman, this queen mother, this person set aside by God, desires to bring all of her children together (what was addressed to John the Evangelist, “behold your mother” [Jn 19:26] was meant for all of us).  Let us continue to beseech Mary, Mother of All Christians, for the elusive unity that the Lord so desires.

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