“He has cast down the mighty from their thrones and has lifted up the lowly.”

We are graced this day with the inspired Magnificat of Mary (Lk 1:46-56) during her first conversation with Elizabeth.  It is a beautiful canticle that exalts the Lord for what He has just done for His people.  Mary also emphasizes that humility is our proper disposition and will be rewarded; the haughty will not receive mercy but rather they will be scattered and receive nothing.  The last sentence tells us that Mary stayed with her cousin for three months before returning home.  Mary’s first reaction to the Annunciation and now to Elizabeth’s greeting is humility.  She acknowledges the blessings she has received but knows to attribute it to God alone.  She is a willing and, even more so, enthusiastic participant in God’s plan of salvation, desiring only to do His will perfectly.  What a model for those of every age!  Acknowledging that all good things come from God, we imitate the perfect human person.  Submitting to the Lord’s will in complete faith, not necessarily knowing what is in store for us, conforms us to this model of perfect virtue.  Invoking Mary’s intercession is a powerful way to move towards greater conformity to God’s will for us.  We don’t want to be the mighty that the Lord throws down, the proud that are scattered, or the rich who are sent away empty.  Rather, apparently paradoxically, it is humility that lifts us up, unites us, and brings ultimate satisfaction (in this world and the next).

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