“There is nothing hidden except to be made visible.”

Jesus, in teaching his disciples, tells them a couple of pithy sayings (Mk 4:21-25).  A lamp is used to light up a room — not to be covered; all that is hidden or secret will come to light.  How one measures out will be measured back to him; those who have more will be given even more, those with less will lose even that.  The warning above should remind us of the futility of holding onto our sins and burying them within us.  Chances are they will become known, usually with the worst possible consequences.  But even if we manage to hide our deepest, darkest, sordid deeds until the end, we still have an accounting with the Lord who sees all (cf. Mt 6:4, 6).  The sacrament of Confession frees us from sins for which we are truly sorry and for which we have a firm desire of amendment.  We can be loosed from sins long ago committed that we hold onto with shame or regret.  We can receive graces to overcome vices that enslave us now and about which we would not dare let others know.  In such cases we must take recourse as soon as possible to the “medicine box” of the confessional so that our sins may be forgiven, penance can be received, reconciliation with God and neighbor can be effected, and our soul can be cleansed and unburdened.  There is no thought, word, or deed that can not be washed away in the fountain of God’s love.  Do not bypass the opportunity to have recourse to this wonderful gift as often as needed and regularly for unequaled aid in helping to maintain right standing with the Lord.


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