“He spoke the word to them as they were able to understand it.”

Jesus continues with parables to the masses (Mk 4:26-34).  First, He tells of the man who scatters seed and finds that it grows (how?), yields fruit, and is eventually ready for harvest.  Second, He compares the Kingdom of God to a tiny mustard seed that, when fully grown, is a plant so large that birds nest in it.  He spoke in parables to the crowd, as they were able to understand (see above), but explained all privately to His disciples.  This approach of Jesus’ is good for us to imitate.  By understanding His audience, He was able to convey the Good News in a comprehensible and practical way.  Like all of His parables, the ones we heard about today were easy for Jesus’ hearers to relate to.  They were certainly familiar with farming and seeds even if they did not do such work themselves (life was much simpler back then).  So to we who have a deeper knowledge of the Faith should endeavor to make our witness accessible and relevant to those we wish to catechize and evangelize.  The simplest (although by no means the easiest) way to do this is by the example of our lives.  People will remember what we do much more readily than anything we say.  This is very practical: “Do unto others…” (The Golden Rule — Mt 7:12, Lk 6:31).  But when we do relay the Faith in words, we should emphasize personal witness: How has following a certain teaching helped us or someone we love or know?  Obscure theological concepts will win few over; the joyful Christian, on the other hand, will attract others and keep them coming back for more.  Live joyfully in Christ.

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