“There is something greater than Solomon here.”

Jesus, addressing an ever increasing crowd, calls the generation of His time an evil generation (Lk 11:29-32).  Both the queen of the south who came to listen to Solomon and the Ninevites who were converted through Jonah will arise to condemn the current generation in which Jesus lives, despite He being greater than both Solomon and Jonah.  Jesus evokes Solomon at the height of the latter’s power and glory, when he was visited by the Queen of Sheba (read 1 Kgs 10:1-13).  The queen, hearing of the king’s renown for his wisdom, comes to test him.  His explanations, along with everything having to do with his reign, “took her breath away ” (v. 5).  She goes on to say that his “wisdom and prosperity surpass the report I heard” (v. 7).  In the end, “King Solomon gave the queen of Sheba everything she desired and asked for, besides what King Solomon gave her from Solomon’s royal bounty” (v. 13).   What a beautiful prefigurement of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ!  We hear of a pagan ruler’s exaltation of one of Jesus’ forefathers in the line of David.  How much greater is the great wisdom of the Word and the immense prosperity He wishes to share with us!  Wisdom in Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium that safeguards it.  Prosperity in the gift of divine grace that God so wishes to pour into us if only we accept Him and are open to it.  We can rightly be impressed by beauty and grandeur in this world.  It is when we realize that it is but a dim foretaste of heavenly bliss that we are encouraged to do whatever is necessary to seek the Lord’s wisdom diligently, listen to it attentively, and follow it unwaveringly.

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