“The one who seeks, finds.”

Moving back to the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 7:7-12), we again listen in as Jesus speaks to His disciples.  He tells them to ask, to seek, and to knock — by doing so their Father in heaven will give them good things beyond compare.  He closes with the Golden Rule which He says summarizes the law and the prophets.  If we search for the truth, sincerely allowing God to lead us in this quest, we will certainly find real answers.  These may not always be the responses we would like to hear, but the Lord knows what we need to hear.   “The truth will set you free” Jesus tells Jewish believers in John’s Gospel (8:32).  And how will they come to the truth?   By remaining in His word (v. 31).  How’s that?  Sin obscures the light of truth.  Striving to remain in God’s word means we can no longer remain in sin.  As the dross of sin and vice is washed away, the truth becomes ever clearer to us.  The truth of revelation is found in Scripture and Tradition safeguarded by the Magisterium (i.e., teaching authority) of the Church.  Frequent recourse to Scripture, first and foremost, and the sure teaching of the Church (The Catechism of the Catholic Church is a superb place to begin) provides illumination on the truth.  As the Word takes root in us, we are better able to share it with other seekers or those who need the encouragement to begin to explore.  When the conviction of the truth finds a home in our hearts, it will shine through in our every thought, word, and action.  The truth has an irresistible appeal as the desire for It is placed in every human heart by its Creator.  May we be conduits of the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

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