“Mary Magdalene and the other Mary…ran to announce the news to his disciples.”

This day after Easter, the gospel reading continues the Resurrection story (Mt 28:8-15).  Mary Magdalene and another Mary, finding the tomb empty, run to tell the disciples of this (see above).  Along the way they encounter Jesus and fall down to worship Him.  He tells them to tell His disciples (His “brothers”) that He will meet them in Galilee.  Meanwhile the soldiers who were to guard the tomb told the chief priests of the unusual events at the tomb and that Jesus was gone.  Assembling the entire council, the religious leaders gave the soldiers a large sum to lie and say that Jesus’ disciples stole Jesus’ body.  We are told that this tale was continued to be spread even at the time of the writing of this gospel.  When we have good news we hasten to tell others of it.  We can barely contain ourselves in our wish to share it.  The cause of our joy might be a negative test result, an “impossible” prayer answered, some unexpected bounty, or a long wait that has finally and favorably ended.  But any word that we get in this life, no matter how wonderful, cannot exceed the Good News of Jesus — He who has the words of everlasting life (Jn 6:68).  Our days here must necessarily end, but we must desire in an overwhelming way the complete union with God in the eternal now.  And we want every other person to join us there in that place where God “will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there shall be no more death or mourning, wailing or pain” (Rev 21:4).  Should we not too run to excitedly tell others that He is risen, truly risen (see 1 Cor 15;12-19)?  This is the best news ever.

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