Today we move back to John (20:11-18), picking up where we left off on Easter, to continue to read John’s rendition of events following the Resurrection.  This scene finds Mary Magdalene back at the tomb weeping.  She then encounters two angels inside the tomb and, turning around, sees Jesus but does not recognize Him until He calls her name.  He then orders her to go to the disciples with a message, which she does.  Mary’s first word to Jesus, after she recognizes Him, is at top.  “Rabbouni” means “Teacher.”  If this is the name that comes to mind when she sees her beloved unexpectedly (to her) risen from the dead, then it was clearly her common name for Jesus.  This was not unusual in that friend and foe alike call Jesus Rabbi/Teacher throughout the gospels.  But with Mary one can’t help but think of how much she must have learned from Jesus.  Aside from scenes at the cross and after the resurrection, Mary is mentioned only once, and there as a follower of Jesus along with the twelve apostles (Lk 8:2).   How much she must have absorbed and how devastated she must have been when she thought Jesus’ lips were sealed forever.  And how much she must have longed for an explanation of this astounding encounter she just had.  We know Jesus is not silent and never will be.  The Word has been uttered and continues to speak to our hearts authentically through Scripture, Tradition, and Magisterium.  Like Mary Magdalene. may we never lose our love for learning and pondering the sublime truths of revelation, continually diving back into the ocean of love that is Jesus Himself, the Word that always existed and which became flesh for our salvation (cf. Jn 1:1-14).  Let us listen well to our Rabbouni!

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