“What can you do?”

Continuing the dialogue after the crowd finds Jesus in Capernaum, the people ask Jesus the question above, asking for a sign, like the manna in the desert, so they can believe in Jesus (Jn 6:30-35).  Jesus declares that the manna came from God then and now: Jesus declares Himself the Bread of Life and the only thing that will eternally satisfy their hunger and thirst if only they believe in Him.  It is quite something that the crowd had the temerity to ask Jesus for more signs after hearing of His reputation and having just had their fill of the miraculous multiplication of loaves and fish the day before.  We have no excuse to ask this question today.  Having the fullness of divine revelation available through, and safeguarded by, the Church, we know exactly what Jesus can do — namely, any good thing (cf. Mt 7:7, 21:22; Jn 14:13-14, 15:7).  Hopefully our personal past experiences have brought this home to us in a real and intimate way.  If not, and in any case, we should cultivate a close relationship with Jesus daily through prayer, studying Him in His Word, and seeing Him in the faces of all persons with whom we come in contact.  Hopefully this will lead us to ask with all our hearts: What can I do to glorify You?

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