“I will not reject anyone who comes to me.”

Jesus’ Bread of Life discourse continues (Jn 6:35-40) actually overlapping yesterday’s last verse.  So we hear again Jesus telling the people that those who believe in Him will never hunger or thirst.  Yet, He tells them they still do not believe.  He goes on to say that He comes to do the will of the Father, which is to give eternal life to all believers and to raise these on the last day.  The words at top, said during the course of this proclamation, must have been very comforting to His hearers (they will become very uncomfortable soon).  For all generations this offer is available from Jesus.  No one need fear come to Jesus in sincerity.  His merciful heart forgives anyone who, regardless of the severity or number of his sins, with true remorse, contrition, and firm purpose of amendment, approaches Him.  He has already taken on all iniquity, conquering sin and its end, death.  He did all this just so we could enjoy eternal beatitude.  Even if the whole world rejects us, the Lord never will.  He awaits us longingly like the father of the prodigal son.  Dive into the ocean of mercy that pours from His heart.  Ask for the strength to “come clean” and stay clean.  God puts every person on earth for a reason.  We all have our work to accomplish for Him.  We are not to waste it wallowing in sin, self-pity, or despair.  Rather, we are to unburden ourselves in Confession and then devote the rest of our lives to loving and serving God, seeking, like Jesus, to set our wills aside and embrace the Father’s will.

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