“The word of God on high is the fountain of wisdom and her ways are everlasting.”

The next two weeks of first readings come from the book of Sirach.  Sirach, written in Hebrew by Jesus, son of Sirach, and translated into Greek by his grandson in the late second century B.C., is a Wisdom book not found in the Hebrew Bible.  Being a Wisdom book, it is no surprise that we will be hearing proclaimed much about Lady Wisdom in the coming days as we do today (Sir 1:1-10).  In a beautiful hint at the Trinity, we read of the creator seated on His throne who made Wisdom through the power of the Holy Spirit before any of the great wonders of nature came into existence.  The eternal fount of wisdom?  The Word of God who, we know from John, is Jesus (Jn 1:1-5).  This wisdom has been poured forth upon all created things, including us.

How do we tap into it?  The answer is at top.  Tap into Jesus Christ, the Eternal Word.  His revealed wisdom is made available to us through the written word, the Bible, and the oral Tradition passed down through the ages, both safeguarded by the Church He established (Mt 16:18 and 1 Tim 3;15).  We must constantly turn to the Lord’s wisdom to achieve “prudent understanding” in what is often a complex, baffling, and troubling world.  Received wisdom of a worldly kind, when not aligned with Eternal Truth, is foolishness (1 Cor 1:20 and 1 Cor 3:19)).  Such a happy occasion that we are presented this passage the day after Pentecost!  Let us often invoke the Holy Spirit to pour forth His gifts (Is 11:2-3), especially before reading Scripture or studying about God, but also when called upon to explain, defend (cf. Lk 12:12 and Lk 21:14-15), or share our Faith.  The Father and Son are happy to send the Holy Spirit in abundance to those who invoke the assistance the Triune God in faith.  Come Holy Spirit!

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